Neustern – Autonomous Coastal City State (2011)

Autonomous Coastal City State – Neustern (2011), 210x 270cm, collage on card, image courtesy of the artist

Best viewed in detailed large size, click here (2.1 Mbs in size)

Farrelly’s Neustern: a portrait of the artist as autonomous coastal city-state (2011) is a detailed map of an invented land mass. Conceived partly as a self-portrait and partly as a totalitarian Utopia, it is a work that extends cartography to encompass portraiture, recasting the artist/citizen as an omnipotent despot whose personal idiosyncrasies and interests form the touchstones of national heritage and government policy. Featuring more than 700 individually named streets – each commemorative of an autobiographical, spiritual, cultural, or sexual aspect of Farrelly’s personality – Neustern (pronounced noy-stern and meaning ‘new star’) forms a vast integrated urban network than can simultaneously be read as a synaptic mapping of the artist’s conscious self.

 All roads lead to Neustern (2013) , curators essay, Donna Marie O’Donovan.